Can my app's push notifications coexist with Beemray notifications?


Yes, our mobile SDK will not interfere with your own push notifications not managed by Beemray. However, there are a few implementation considerations depending on the platform.


In iOS, the "persistent notifications" feature is not compatible with your own push notifications. Therefore, you should disable this setting if you plan to use push notifications other than Beemray ones.

Android SDK

You can normally register for push notifications from your app using the Instance ID API. Older registering methods are not supported.

If you want to use service for push notifications, it is compatible with Beemray SDK (as of version 1.10.3 of Parse) provided that you configure Parse to use Beemray's sender ID: 839567552324. The line you have to add to your app's AndroidManifest.xml is:

<meta-data android:name="com.parse.push.gcm_sender_id" android:value="id:839567552324" />
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