Determining location across devices


Location is a vital part of a user context, and therefore important element in data collection and marketing automation.

A mobile application with a Beemray SDK uses the location information provided by the mobile device's location services. The location is utilised to collect data and to tailor the Beemray experience to the current context (i.e., we will show a Beem by a nearest gas station). The end user gives permission to location tracking when installing or upgrading the application. 

Regarding Web SDK, the end user is asked for the location using HTML5 Geolocation API. This method provides as exact level of location information as the mobile application SDK provides. 

When location tracking is activated in the SDK configuration, the user's browser asks for a permission to "Know your location [Allow / Block]" when entering a page with the SDK. When the user has given the permission to track the location, it is set in the cookie, ie. the permission is asked one time only. If user does not share his/her location the location will be unknown. 


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