How can I limit and manage my monthly budget?


You first set your monthly budget and change it at any time. The purpose of setting a budget is to avoid surprises at the end of the month. You may reach the end of the month without depleting your budget, in which case you will be charged for according to what you spent, even if it is less than your budget.

In case you exceed your budget at a fast pace, we will notify you by email once you reach 80% of your full budget, so you can make any desired changes before you reach 100%.

Once your budget is fully depleted, your campaign will be frozen until the beginning of the next month. In addition, you can choose how to spend your budget. The default is to spread out your campaign proportionally; this way you will receive exposures each and every day that will guarantee you do not go over your monthly budget (the number of impressions can change from day to day).

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